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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 10, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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jenny rivera, a soulful singer is confirmed dead in a plane crash. more on the legend, with a life as large as her voice. new information about rg3's knee injury. what coach shanahan is saying about how long he could be out. but first a tearful apology at two deejays after the royal hoax went terribly wrong. good afternoon. the radio hosts went on tv today to apologize for the prank involving their phone call to the hospital where the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton was being treated. >> they say they're devastated after learning that one of the nurses who took the call was found dead. >> at nbc's kyra simmens report, the management reportedly signed off on the hoax beforehand. >> reporter: worldwide, the storm grows over the nurse found dead last week. >> if we played any involvement
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in her death, then we're very sorry for that. >> reporter: in tear todays the australian deejays who made a prank call to kate's hospital, they have been subjected to death threats. >> nothing can make me feel worse than what i feel now and for what i feel for the family. we're so sorry this has happened to them. >> reporter: speaking out publicly for the first time in a series of australian television interviews about how they heard the nurse who answered the call had died. >> unfortunately i remember that moment very well, because i haven't stopped thinking about it since it happened. i remember my first question was, was she a mother? >> reporter: telling channel 9. >> the thought we may have played a part in that is -- >> we hope they're doing okay and getting the love and support they need right now, but personally i'm -- >> reporter: in those interviews, the radio deejays say the call was recorded and
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signed off by station management before it went to air. the station says several attempts were made to contact the hospital here in london before the broadcast. kyra simmons, nbc news, london. ♪ her story, her struggles, and her voice made her an international star. tonight fans are mourning the death of mexican-american artist genni rivera. the national transportation safety board confirms rivera was killed in a plane crash. she was in a private learjet that disappeared about ten minutes after taking off from monterrey, mexico. the authorities found the wreckage later on the day. no one on board survived. she was at the peak of her career. we'll have much more on her life and music coming up with billie
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bush of "access hollywood" and nbc latino. we have more information about the murder of a mother shot on a metro butt. police are looking for 27-year-old javon foster, boyfriend of selena brown. police say the bullets grazed her 2-year-old daughter. we're told the baby is recovering in the hospital and expected to be okay. news4's pat collins spoke with the victim's family. today d.c. revealed the possible new color choices for taxi cabs in the city. mayor gray and the taxicab commission want the cabs in d.c. to have the same look. at the convention center, they showed off some of the possible color schemes. the public is able to vote on their favorite. coming up at 5:00, tom sherwood shows us why cabs may not end up being any of these colors at
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all. they do get your attention. >> they sure do. >> gray is the color of the day today, damp all day long. >> we're looking for things to clear up. the question is when? meteorologist veronica johnson. >> hey there, guys, we'll have to wait a while before we see any clearing. of course, it has been damp today, as a matter of fact we've been running some 10 to 15 degrees above average with a gray sky and damp weather throughout. of cour, this morning we had quite a bit of fog. it took a while to get rid of it. still a lot of fog way up to the north, around areas of morgantown and cumberland. cloud cover is still with us with rain that will move back in later tonight. not expecting a lot. you can see the showers a lot, just northwest of fredericks. temperatures across the area, as we checknow, here at 61 degrees, riverdale adelphi and laurel coming in at 59, with
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67 down to the south in fredericksburg. so on your good night forecast, it is looking like it will be mild. more fog will form late tonight. it's going to thicken up and start to lower, but then it's wind for tomorrow that will help us out. i'll give you the timing and just how cool the rest of the week is looking in a couple minutes. we now know the identity of the navy s.e.a.l. killed in a rescue raid in afghanistan. petty officer first class nick lab check was from monroeville, pennsylvania, which is near pittsburgh. he was reportedly a member of s.e.a.l. team 6, the elite and secretive special operators who killed osama bin laden. he was killed yesterday during the successful rescue of an american doctor from colorado who was abducted by the tal can near kabul. he was 28 years old and a highly decorated combat veteran. president obama and secretary leone panetta have praised his.
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there's a settlement, keith russell has the information on dominique strauss-kahn. >> once leader of the international monetary fund just settled a sexual assault lawsuit against him. the amount of the deal is confidential. it stems from an encounter in a new york hotel suite in 2011 in which a maid alleged he assaulted her. prosecutors dropped the criminal case against them, saying the woman had credibility issues. strauss-kahn is also facing charges related to a prostitution ring at a luxury hotel in france. keith russell, news4. accomplice cal experts say this could be the critical week in efforts to prevent the so-called fiscal cliff. danielle lee is on capitol hill, where lawmakers appear to be edging closer to an agreement. >> it's crunch time here in
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washington. analysts say president obama and speaker boehner have until the end of the week to reach a deal if lawmakers will get it passed by the friday before christmas. as a diesel engine plant, president obama stood his ground on the fiscal cliff. >> all congress needs to do is pass a law that would prehaven't a tax hike on the first $250 of everybody's income. >> the latest campaign stop had an announcement. business leaders warn this time of investment will suffer without a deal to avoid billions in tax increases and spending cuts next year. >> we have more than -- i think 103 ceos in town last week. the message was sit down, work it out. back in washington there's new momentum. yesterday p many p.m. and house speaker john boehner met one on one for the first time this year. then today staffers continued the private negotiations. the sooner the better, we all
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know el that. >> reporter: an increasing number of -- >> i actually amb ginning to believe that is the best route for us to take to again shift the focus where it needs to be, which is on entitlements. >> reporter: and budget experts see more democrats open to cutting social security and medicare. >> it's like, gosh, senator durbin, who is very, very close to the president, saying hey, look, on medicare, you know, i wouldn't like it, but i'd be willing to support means testing. >> reporter: 21 days left, no deal yet. while we are seeing movement, it's not coming from the top. neither the white house nor house speaker boehner are publicly indicating they're ready to budge, leaving them billion apart on spending cuts and tax increases. reporting live, i'm danielle lee, news4. day to day, everybody wants to know the latest on the status of rg3 for next sunday's game
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against the cleveland browns. dan hellie is out at the park. coach shanahan just addressed the media. >> reporter: it sounds like this is the best-case scenario, who he haus is a grate 1 sprang of his lcl. so a grate 1 sprain generally means no serious damage, no tears, it's going to be up to the player. if he feels healthy enough, robert griffin iii it sounds like will be playing against the brown on sunday. obviously they're goinging to monitor him throughout the week. >> we're going to do what we think is in robert's best interests. usually when you do that it's the team's best interests as well. we're not going to put him out there if he can't do the things that help us win. that's part of the evaluation through the week. same thing with london fletcher, same thing with trent williams. you can't put guys out there who don't think it's in the best interest of themselves as well as the team. you have to evaluate it. you don't know until the game.
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>> reporter: if i were a betting man, i'm betting that rg3 is out there in cleveland against is the brouchbd on sunday. we'll be talking quarterbacks, coaches and cooley. joe gibbs is in the house, a special guest on the cooley report. >> oh, that's just so painful to watch over and over again. much more on his injury coming up at 4:30 right here. we'll be talking to a doctor about what it could take to heal and more importantly for skins fans, just how long. a warning for the digital age. coming up on news4. why a west virginia senator is so upset about the network's newest reality show. ♪ and psy comes to d.c. and
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brings along with him a political controversy. how an 8-year-old video could change some people's opinions about the gung many style singer. that's up next.
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we're still in the thick of it. >> we are. this fog has been tough to burn off. >> we were talking westerly lingo during the break. we have a weather wedgie. we're kind of stuck there in the pocket with the clouds and
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dreary and fog. it just won't lift. so we're going to see some improvement, but not until tomorrow where we get the sunshine back, but wait until you see what the temperatures will be like. let's head outside, we're talking temps, it almost feels like spring, especially if our doubt south. we've been socked in with the fog. haguerstown maryland, 3/10 of a mile. everywhere else we're doing just fine, but boy it was thick and low. the visibilities of the early part of the day today. right now we're just seeing some really drizzle across the area, and damp conditions. the bulk of the rain has been out here, around areas of west virginia, this whole line, this whole area of moisture out ahead of the weather front. so for haguerstown, winchester, down around charlesville,
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virginia, that's the leading edge of the rain. i expect that to make its way eastward, arriving here about 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. most of the rain will be over until about 4:00, v a.m. tomorrow morning. look at the temperature. 57 frederick, 67 degrees in fredericksburg. again, some areas cool, some areas feeling a lot more like spring. as we get through the overnight, from 56 at 11:00 p.m. to 46 at 5:00 a.m., mild start to the day tomorrow, we'll see a bit more fog especially in the sheltered area, but any spot, as this warm front z weather front moves through. then it will be breezy just about everywhere. we'll get some sunshine, but then we're sun challenged the day after. here's your forecast for the evening. 53 to 57. yes, you will need your umbrella if you are going out this evening. again, most of our showers from
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8:00, 9:00 p.m. into the early morning hours. we're start out in the upper 30s to mid 40s, then sunshine returns tomorrow. breezy, 49 to 53 for your high. so the rest of the workweek is looking cool, guys, from 48 the high on wednesday, 50 on thursday, 54 on friday. right now that's about where our average high is, right around 50 degrees. so get ready for a bit of cold moving in. ♪ the voice of mexican-american superstar jenni rivera. as we manipulationed earlier, investigators have confirmed she and six others died in a plane crash in mexico. >> billy bush joins us now. what happened over the weekend? a terrible tragedy. >> yeah, 3:30 in the morning after performing -- and known to perform long, long, four,
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five-hour concerts, she left monterrey, mexico, the northeast corner, not very far from texas. she hopped aboard a learjet 25, by the way, a very old one, 1969. it had been in the air as long as she had been alive, 43 years. she drives down towards taluca international. ten minutes in the plane goes off the radar and crashes. a terrible loss for all mexican music fans and latino music fans all over the world. we hadn't quite known her here on american television until -- she was the judge on "the volley" in mexico. she had a reality show on mundos called "i love jenni." she had just tragedy after tragedy in her life. they're marriages just in the process of her third divorce.
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she's got five children. you know, her oldest child from the first marriage, molested by that husband. just terrible, and her second husband went to jail for drug smuggling. he died in jail. she's had nothing but tragedy after tragedy. she shares this with people, and i think makes her very accessible. so not only has she sold the 20 million abums, but somebody you can relate to. we would have known her in the states, and tragically for those who didn't know her, you would have, and i think we missed out on somebody special. >> fans sure felt like they knew her. psy is here this week. he's in the middle of a pretty big controversy dating back several years. >> yeah, in 2004 psy had a song that was really controversial. i'll quote here, one of the lyrics, in the song is "kill those [ muted ] blanking yankees
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who have been tore occurring iraq yi captives." it went on. psy, he had to realize this might be coming around now he's the most watch youtube clip in the worldwide. he attends an event on sunday. he apologized on friday, saying, look, this was very sensitive times, when a korean missionary was kidnapped, and, you know, goes back to this terrible time a korean missionary kidnapped by terrorists, demanding that south korea not aid the u.s. in the iraqi war. it was a bad time. he has since said i apologize deeply for anyone who's offended. he realizes how well he's been embraced. he doesn't want to get that political anymore. before we sent you off, you should be wearing a pig snout after what happened with your jants last month night. >> i know. i know. here's the thing. i owe you $20.
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>> is that it? >> i owe you $20 for the skins over the giants. >> he brought that up. >> can i tell you something, though? the most inclusive guy in washington today, other than the two of you, is without question kirk cousins. i mean, what? >> where did that come from? >> unbelievable. >> you talk about under pressure. >> he's hot today. >> he's like rg 4 that guy. >> the 20 is in the mail. >> channeling rg3. it could be the biggest shipping day ever. still ahead, we'll tell you about the big difference this year that's keeping fedex on its toes. ♪ i don't know if i'm and "the voice" brings on its final four tine. we'll tell you and why why else it could be such a big night in primetime.
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♪ two from team cielo, and two
4:24 pm
from team blake. fans anticipate the big finale. tonight those final four will sing their hearts out. >> howie mandel and michael buble will be there. >> it's two singers from team cielo. and a pair of performers from team blake, battling it out tonight on "the voice." kristina aguilera and adam leave convene just have to watch. seeking america's vote for one of two spots in next week's finals are scottish rocker terry mcdermott, pop rock and country artist cassidy pope, and nicklas david and power balance ladeer trevor hunt. >> people like who they like. it doesn't matter what a coach does, people just react to music in a very specific way.
4:25 pm
>> reporter: they also react to big surprises in a specific way. >> it's yours! howie mandel hosts "take it all". >> it's deal or no deal meets the price is right. contestants are not cash and prizes, and risk them all to steal the prizes of others. >> the stakes are life-changing, hundreds of thousands, puts them in a whole any tax bracket, whole new life bracket. ♪ when we finally kiss good night ♪ >> michael bubble hosts his second annual christmas special in his home country. >> tonight is just all my friends and family. >> blake shelton is among the guests. mark barringer, nbc news. all right. here's the rundown "the voice" at 8:00, followed by "take it
4:26 pm
all" then at 10:00 buble's christmas special. that's all right here tonight on nbc4. what a range. >> it must-see tv, isn't it? >> yeah. widening scandal on "sesame street." the new allegations against the man who made elmo famous. and more on rg3's knee injury. we'll check in with a doctor to find out just what it would take for him to recover and get bac
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if the politicians in washington negotiate a bad deal on the budget and deficit, what do you think will happen to medicare and medicaid benefits? and to our coverage? cutting hundreds of billions of dollars from medicare and medicaid will short change the people who need it the most. so if you don't want seniors to come up empty. call sen. warner and tell him
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don't make a bad deal that cuts our care.
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welcome back. here's what's happening. two australian deejays say their managers had approved the prank phone call to the london hospital where kate middleton was being treated. today the hosts went on say their joke went too far. the nurse who took the call was found dead on friday. the deejays' radio show has been canceled. right now there's a manhunt under way for javon foster. police are call him a suspect in the deadly shooting of 20-year-old selena brown on a metro bus last night. it also injured brown's 2-year-old daughter. there may be new hope for a
4:30 pm
deal to prevent the so-called fiscal cliff. president obama went to michigan today to promote his plan to raise taxes on the top 2% of income earners. a gruing number of republicans say they may be willing to accept tax rate hikes on the rich as long as they gain ground on entitlements. well, the holiday rush is on, folks, fedex says today will be the bus just day of the shipping year, and it could be one of the busiest days ever. >> jay gray took a tour of fedex's world headquarters earlier today and join us live from mississippi with a look at the behind the scenes situation, a look at how the packages get from here to there. >> reporter: hey there, fedex facilities across the nation, including this one in mississippi n. constant motion, moving 19 million packages at a rate of 200 per second.
4:31 pm
the holiday rush is ramping up at fedex today. >> we've been planning for this day since the day after christmas last year, literally planning for this day since then. >> now it's here, the busiest day in fedex history, 19 million packages passing through the system, 10 million more than an average today. >> peak means longers hours, more packages to deliver. >> deliveries on the ground and through the area. the first largest in the world, many packed with holiday presents, which are off-loaded, sorted, then shoveled along this 42-mile matrix of conveyor belts at the world hub in memphis. >> just making sure that packages keep moving through. >> the team keeps track of the traffic, annuals data, watching video of the operation from more than 250 cameras. it's just like any other day, only a lot busier.
4:32 pm
>> the process doesn't change, what changes is the air krafl we have, the number of trucks, number of people it takes to deliver the operations. >> monitoring the weather, eightering routes, allocating resources to deal with any problem that might come up. >> we develop a plan, a strategy, if you will, to mitigate whatever those problems are, whether it be weather or traffic or hurricane or typhoon. we work around those things to make sure the packages get there. >> making sure they mabel make it in time for family to celebrate the holiday season. it's not only the busiest day ever, but could be a record-breaking holiday season. fedex expects to move 280 million boxes between thanksgiving and this christmas. that would be up 13% over last year. live in olive branch, mississippi, i'm jim gray. jim, pat, back to you. >> boggles the mind. we'll have much more on the
4:33 pm
shipping dez lines for u.p.s. and u.s. postal service right here tonight at 5:00. a cloudy day out there. let's find out when we'll clear up. how about it? >> it's going to take a while for us to clear out. once we do, we'll see the wind pick up. a little sunshine in here, but talk about cold. we have a better chance to pick up some of this is. these are showers on the ahead. pretty far from you had in maryland, about you around 8:00 or 9:00 we'll start to see showers. until then, we're in the low 60s right now. we'll fall into the 50s. not a bad evening, but tomorrow and the rest of the world week, that's what's going to be moving in. we have highs back there, areas behind the front, memphis, cincinnati, pittsburgh, right now in the upper 30s and lower 40s. we'll take a look at the seven-dale frast in a couple minutes. it was a big win for washington over the weekend against the ravens, but fans were holding their collective
4:34 pm
breath after the game because of that play during the fourth quarter. rg3 running the ball. he got hit hard, and we're learning he suffered a grade 1 sprang to his right knee. what kind of recovery could he be in for? that's the question that everybody wants to have answered. dr. jason delieu inieu ink lieu joins us now. compare that to the injury that he suffered in his sophomore year at baylor when he injured the acl and spent most of that sophomore year sideli sidelined. >> with the knee you have four different ligaments that provide stabilization, so the acl is the anterior your atligament which has a posterior ligament, then the medial and collateral ligaments, this is to one of the
4:35 pm
ligaments on the outside. when you're looking at the different grades, so grade 1 is a sprain to the ligament itself. grade 2 would be a partial tear, and grade 3 would be a complete tear, which would be much more severe. >> we know it was very painful. >> you could see immediately when he had injured his knee, it was quite painful. he admitted to himself during his press conference. >> were you surprised he went back a on out for four mower plains plays. >> just from the amount of pain he was in, he obviously tried to push through the injury as much as he could, then he realized it was causing him too much discomfort. >> would it have caused more damage? >> there's definitely a chance, because it was a sprain, so this would be disruption to the ligaments. >> so what kind of treatments are we looking at? >> obvious times you do well with conservative management, utilizing a brace, so he'll be
4:36 pm
having a niece brace with the lateral sides. he may or mate not be on crutches. we'll see how the pain goes with that. >> how long does it generally take it to heal? >> with a agreed 1 sprain, oftentimes you can do well with a couple weeks, but depending on the pain, two to four weeks. so when he declared you'll be out there next week? you doubt that? >> no, it depending on how much pain he has. >> doctor, everybody is pulling for him, rooting for him, hoping he gets back out there soon, but not too is soon. >> you want to make sure he's good and healthy for the stretch down the road. thanks so much for joining us. jim, back to you. >> we have a lot invested in him. coming up next, snooping on your kids, how some cell phone app.s could be taken personal information from their children without their parents nothing
4:37 pm
it. we'll look at the legacy of jenni rivera
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4:39 pm
a real-life grinch may have stolen christmas for children in maine. a thief was stealing a giving tree. it had tags attached with the names of children who need christmas gifts. organizers say no presents were stolen. they create add makeshift tree
4:40 pm
with the remains children who still needed their gifts. that's just wrong there. hey, the government announced it's looking into some some software companies are quietly collecting personal information on kids. a report from the federal trade commission suggests that some cell phone app.s may be able to obtain information without a perrin's knowledge or conseptember. fcc found that most failed to -- and who could access it. the report did not name the companies under investigation. too wild to be wonderful? still ahead, why a senator wants mtv to pull the plug on a new show filmed in west virginia. what's the world on our weather? >> it may not be raining where you are now, but more rain is coming, and so is some cold. we're talking temperatures when news4 continues.
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♪ . shocked music fans around the world. jenni rivera known for her passion on and off the stage is dead after a plane crash in northern mexico. >> as investigators try to figure out what brought that plane down, many more of us are
4:44 pm
learn more about rivera, a powerhouse in in the latin music world who connected with many over her personal struggles. >> nbc latino entertainment reporter nina terrero is here to give us perspective. thanks for joining us, nina. >> thank you both. >> tell us about jenni rivera's background and the work that earned her so many awards and so many scores of fans here in the u.s. and mexico and beyond. >> jenni rivera was called the diana of mexican norteno music. she made it known with eischen serb she po about heartache, loss and loves. it made her extremely popular here in the united states and in mexico. you know, she grew up in an
4:45 pm
iconic members cass families think of the osmonds. she took that legacy and made it her own and won millions of fans. nina, you talk about her troubles. jenni rivera made no trouble in her personal life made no secret of that. she had a divorce from a baseball player who had a brief stint here in washington. >> unfortunately jenni was no stranger to heartache. she had three failed marriages, most recent of which with esteban who she had married in 2010. he was supposed to be the love of her life after she had gone through domestic abuse, and her second husband who had cheated on her. but their marriage came to an ugly end. they filed for divorce in october of this year. rumors were flying he had actually cheated on jenni with her eldest daughter. because of that ugly rumor,
4:46 pm
which wasn't confirmed or denied by any of the family members, you know, she had not spoken to her eldest daughter in more than a month. as far as we know, she and her daughter hadn't spoken up to the time she unfortunately passed away. >> nina, thank you so much for sharing your insights. >> thank you. thanks for having me. more on "nbc nightly news" kerry sanders will report. that's tonight right here at 7:00. turning now to the weather we're still in the soup, but we're coming out and there's a change. >> there's a change. not so much tonight we'll be talking about the cold. next time we're expected to drop down into the 30s will be tomorrow night. brace yourself for it, too. this has so far been the warmest start since 2001. a lot of folks have been asking when will it turn cold around here and stay cold? i can tell you at least we'll see more seasonal highs starting on wednesday. as we look at the airport there, yeah, possibly some foggy delays
4:47 pm
throughout portions of the mid-atlantic. we've got rain approaching the area. hague haguerstown, winchester, this is the leading edge of the line. it has been kind of stuck back there off to the west in west virginia most of the day today. but for these areas around frederick, around leesburg, you'll be picking up more showers, and then approaching areas around d.c., as we get into the late evening hours, early part of the night, i think are over with by around 3:00, 4:00 am. you can see clouds in the white, those pushing eastward with start to clear out. we'll see some sunshine tomorrow, a partly sunny, breezy cooler day coming our way. then wednesday, a little system just down to the south and east will bring clouds back into the area. i think wednesday we will be sunshine challenged with -- and highs only up to around 50. so here we are for the overnight
4:48 pm
period. areas west will drop to the 30s, upper 30s with that front coming in. the high for tomorrow, under again sunshine by the afternoon. 50 to 52. 54 degrees in fredericksburg, so your forecast is cooler, 49 to 53. we could see gusts even in the morning up to 29 miles per hour, getting higher by the afternoon. a cool streaks for wednesday, thursday, friday. we bring back a chance of rain sunday. the second half of the weekend. if you still haven't gotten that treat, hit saturday right now. >> get busy. thanks, veronica. we will. still to come, the new allegations against the puppet ear. and the dallas cowboy charged with killing a teammate while driving drunk, why his attorney says the survivor is a victim, too. and good afternoon.
4:49 pm
eye wendy rieger. coming up in just a few minutes, the latest from redskins park. we'll like at robert grirch iii's knee injury. and we have the cooley report this afternoon. we have a special guest joining us, joe gibbs. then a trip inside the high-tech lab where a lot of popular toys are tested for their safety. make sure you stick around. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios;
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person is coming forward claiming he engaged in underage sex. the new allegations involve a teenage boy who met kevin clash back in the mid '90s. the attorney who filed the suit says they met in miami and clash paid for the teen's travel to new york where the sex acts took place. clash, a baltimore native, was the voice of elmo about 30 years. he's not commenting on the new allegations. dallas cowboys' josh brent is out of jail. he's charged in the death of his friend and teammate jerry brown. over the weekend brent crashed his vehicle. the lawyers believe the bond was set so high because he's a cowboy. in 2009, brent pleaded guilty to dui in another case sploo when
4:53 pm
we come right back, one senator's problem that some been calling "the jersey shore of west virginia." and follow us online.
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mtv's newest raility show is generating outrage even a month before it hits the air. the show called "buck wild" is set in west virginia. one lawmakers is already calling for a network to pull it. critics are accusing mtv from profiting from offensive stereotypes. >> from partying to profanity. subtle it's not. >> this is the best birthday licking i've ever had. >> reporter: mtv is banking on that hit recipe. seeing skin and a whole lot of drama. >> how disrespectful is that. >> "buck wild" is jersey jersey out of control in west virginia. >> people being thrown all over the place. >> an outrageous group of childhood friends from rural west virginia. >> this is how you make tater
4:57 pm
salad in west virginia. >> reporter: but a travesty is what west virginia senator joe manchin calls it. he says i am repulsed. you prey on young people, coax them into displaying shameful behavior and now you are profiting from it, said the senator. he said it unfairly portrays ugly, inaccurate stereotypes, and he's calling on mtv to ax the show before it airs. no so fast says the executive producer john stevens, defending the show to "entertainment weekly." he said it might change people's perspectives. these kids are totally wild and carefree. that's definitely something that mtv viewers know a thing or two about. from "the real world" to "teen mom" to "jersey shore," edgy shows featuring young stars
4:58 pm
pushing the limits, frequently strike ratings gold. >> shows like this are popular, because we want to see people acting insane and out of control, and my god, isn't this entertaining? >> reporter: the commotion meets promotion card. you can't buy this publicity. >> it's huge, it's a good situation for mtv in terms of dollars and cents. tonight rg3 down, but how long will he be out? the latest on his injury, and coach gibbs will be joining dan hellie and chris cooley in "the cooley report. no return on investment wile when drivers are getting a free ride. but first tonight there are new details emerging with a shooting on a d.c. metro bus that left a young mother dead and her toddlers hospitalized. good monday evening. >> it's our top story tonight. the search is on for the man wanted for that deadly shooting, the please identify him as the
4:59 pm
woman's boyfriend and say she was trying to break up with him. pat collins spoke with the victim's family. he has the latest on the investigation. pat? >> reporter: jim, this is the man they're looking for, javon steven foster. he's still at large. police say he shot and killed is the mother of his child, that he shot and wounded his little baby girl. we begin our story now with the relatives of the victims. tell me what this has done to your family. >> it's crushed my family. from the youngest brother to a mother to me, it just crushed us. >> reporter: this is derek ferguson, the stepfather of the victim. the victim 20-year-old selena brown, shot and killed as she was boarding a metro bus


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